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Important Notice - Yakima County District Court Change

On October 10, 2019 the Yakima County District Court will be updated to TrueFiling 3.0. TrueFiling 2.5 will stop accepting filings at 12pm PT on October 10th and resume on the updated TrueFiling 3.0 platform on October 11th at 5pm PT. To eFile with the court, you will need to be registered on the new TrueFiling site at https://tf3.truefiling.com/.

Important Notice - Michigan Appellate Courts Change

On September 6, 2019 the Michigan Supreme Court and Court of Appeals will transition to MiFILE (a version of TrueFiling 3.0). After that date, to eFile with those courts you will need to be registered on the MiFILE site at https://mifile.courts.michigan.gov/ . Please click here for more details on the transition, including training opportunities.

California Upgrades to TrueFiling 3.0

Important Notice - California Changes

We are excited to announce an upgrade to your experience for the California Courts of Appeal and Supreme Court. In the coming months we'll be updating our TrueFiling service to TrueFiling 3.0. Please click here for more information regarding the timing, actions required on your part, and upcoming training information.

Upgrades to TrueFiling 3.0

The following courts have been upgraded and will require a new site to eFile.

Thank you,
The TrueFiling Team

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