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A message to Virginia filers

As of October 8th 2017, the Arlington Virginia 17th Circuit Court has been upgraded and moved to a new URL. To file to the VA Arlington 17th Circuit Court, navigate to the following URL:

TrueFiling Version 3.0 Coming Soon

ImageSoft is releasing a new generation electronic filing application that uses an intuitive user interface to guide the filer through the eFiling and eService process. In addition to a new, more modern interface, TrueFiling 3.0 is a cloud-based application that greatly enhances processing speed when filers create filings and submit them to the court.

Click Here to view a summary of the important changes coming to TrueFiling.

IMPORTANT: To prepare for the transition to TrueFiling 3.0, you MUST ensure all attorneys in your firm are enrolled as login users in TrueFiling.

Thank you,
The TrueFiling Team

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