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Welcome to TrueFiling

To login to the TrueFiling system, you need to register your email address with a TrueFiling firm.

Option 1: Firm is currently enrolled

If your firm is already enrolled in TrueFiling then you should request an invitation from your TrueFiling firm administrator. Your TrueFiling firm administrator will create your user account and invite you to the system through email.

Option 2: Firm is not currently enrolled

Click here if you are an attorney, administrator from a firm or a self-represented filer who is not yet enrolled in TrueFiling. This option will enable you to create a new firm with you as the firm administrator.

Option 3: Not sure

If you're not sure if your firm is enrolled or who your TrueFiling firm administrator is, click here to search for your firm administrator. You can also contact TrueFiling support at support@truefiling.com or (855) 959-8868.