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What is TrueFiling?

TrueFiling is a 24x7 Web-based e-file and e-service solution for courts, law firms and self-represented filers. It expedites justice by reducing paper handling and travel time and improves the court's internal processes through electronic workflow. The solution supports all case types for Appellate, Circuit , Superior, District and Probate courts and integrates with the court's Case Management System (CMS) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system to create a true Paper-on-Demand court environment. TrueFiling is based on industry standards and is Oasis ECF conformant.

How Does It Work?

First-time users follow a simple registration process, providing contact information, email address and a secure password. After logging in, the user selects from a list of participating courts and then elects one of three options:

  • Submit a case-initiating document
  • File into an existing case
  • Serve parties without filing

For case initiation, the system provides the necessary forms for the user to complete online. The user enters party and complaint information according to the case type selected and can then attach any number of supporting documents to the filing.

When filing into an existing case, the user first searches by party or docket number and then attaches the required documents. Parties can be added for optional electronic service, which delivers an electronic link to courtstamped documents via email. Users may perform electronic service on documents that are filed with the court or on unfiled documents.

TrueFiling offers a modern Web interface that is intuitive and fully integrated with multiple courts.

A single user account can file to multiple courts. Communication with the court and filing status are readily available to the user through the eFiling portal.

Event notifications and status changes are delivered to the user through email. The eFiling portal manages all billing transactions and account reconciliation with the court. ImageSoft provides first-level support, minimizing resource commitment from the court.

Why Use It?

TrueFiling improves overall efficiency for the court and filer. The most immediate benefit is a reduction in the volume of paper documents handled. This results in less need for and better use of court, clerk and law firm resources and greater confidence in the completeness of the case file due to fewer lost or misplaced documents.

For the filer, TrueFiling also saves considerable time and expense by eliminating travel. Past filing can be searched, and electronic service reduces postage and paper handling costs. Users of the 7x24 solution find it both convenient and transparent resulting in more efficient handling by the court.

ImageSoft reduces administrative overhead associated with eFiling by providing centralized support, account administration, billing and payment, electronic service, and online training.